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Zowe 1.12 Now Available!

By | June 19, 2020

Zowe 1.12 now provides z/OSMF workflows for system programmers to perform installation and configuration, as well as Unix shell scripts and an SMP/E PTF.  The Zowe Desktop allows the personalization of the background wallpaper as well as altering the color theme and text and graphic sizes.  Together with accessibility improvements improving keyboard navigation between components and keyboard menu activation.  The Zowe Command Line Interface has added commands for recalling migrated data sets, as well as easier configuration of TSO and SSH profiles.  CLI also allows the creation of USS directories and finding members in a PDS.  The Zowe Explorer 1.6 release has improvements to profile creation as well as a dataset recall menu action.

A full list of new features and bug fixes is at  Zowe 1.12 is available at, the Zowe Explorer 1.6 is available at and the Zowe CLI is available at