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About Open Mainframe

The Open Mainframe Project was founded in 2015, as a focal point for deployment and use of Linux and Open Source in a mainframe computing environment.
Open Source is the collective thread within leading organizations that look to leverage their technology infrastructure as a competitive advantage. The mainframe design principles of security, stability, scalability, and performance are important to these leading organizations, and having the mainframe interoperable in a hybrid infrastructure enables leading organizations to realize its benefits. Open Mainframe Project believes this is best achieved as a community through open source.


The mainframe is an active, integrated, and essential part of modern enterprise IT, consumable by mainstream developers and users, and driven by a vibrant open source community.

To achieve the vision of the Open Mainframe Project by…

Setting a high bar for application development on the mainframe through documentation, API development, and a security-first approach

Showcase the mainframe of today to both the mainframe ecosystem as well as the broad enterprise IT community.

Enable the mainframe to be more consumable by developers with a transparent experience in leveraging the value propositions of the mainframe.

Ensure the mainframe aligns well in the changing enterprise IT landscape of cloud-native and DevOps.