Ambitus fosters a community that will help educate developers about all open source technologies on z/OS and Linux on Z.

Ambitus brings together a community of developers and systems architects to enable an open source ecosystem that fosters a better understanding of how open source environments can work on the IBM Z platform. Ambitus is an important step in the journey to close the gap in open source enablement by facilitating a collaborative environment for developers and systems architects and by helping them to create open source solutions to make optimal use of z/OS and Linux on Z.

Ambitus approaches open source in two key ways:

  • Illustrates how containerized workloads enable interoperability between Linux and z/OS, and allow IBM Z to participate more fully in cloud deployments through container orchestration.
  • Allow users who wish to contribute open source code they have ported to z/OS or Linux a place to publish their changes, along with help to upstream those changes to the originating project.

Ambitus provides community members a place to:

  • Exchange sample code and architectures of open source deployments that make use of IBM Z platform strengths.
  • Share best practices and experiences about how to use both open source, and platform-specific technology stacks to accomplish useful business tasks.

Ambitus compliments projects like Zowe, Zorrow, and many of the other Open Mainframe projects to provide a clearer picture of open source software and IBM Z.  As the mainframe and open source communities continue to integrate through projects like these, we enable a new generation of users to  benefit from the strengths of the platform through the open source interfaces that they already know.

Visit the Ambitus technical resources page to learn more about how IBM Z can be a key piece of your open source environment.