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TFiR Partnership

About TFiR

TFiR is a video-focused story-telling platform covering Open Source, Cloud Native Computing, Security, Edge, 5G & AI/ML.

Founded by seasoned journalist and influencer, Swapnil Bhartiya, in late 2018, TFiR has become the fastest-growing publication which boasts of its 20,000+ strong YouTube subscriber base.

We are storytellers. We create the industry’s most sought-after stories with the highest production quality. We produced a slew of shows including interviews, tutorials, demos, panel discussions, news, documentaries and promo films.

TFiR’s primary mission is to boost the adoption and growth of open source. We help companies educate users about their open source technologies and services using the best medium for storytelling – video. To help companies in creating, curating and distributing their stories, we offer a range of editorial-marketing services to open source players.

This page contains videos that are related to Open Mainframe Summit and Projects curated by TFiR, a video focused story telling platform by Swapnil.