The COBOL Programming Course is an open source initiative that offers educational COBOL materials and hands-on experience with modern tooling.

Most financial organizations, banks, insurance companies, retailers and governments need systems that must flawlessly handle huge volumes of transactions every day. Mainframes have been quietly managing this process for decades as their reliability, availability, security, scalability, and performance cannot be matched.

While these core systems run Java, Python, and other languages, part of these core systems is COBOL, a reliable, proven programming language that has helped run some of the most mission critical services applications at the world’s largest companies. There are estimates that 220 billion lines of COBOL are in use today, and recent events have showcased a continued need for developers skilled in this language.

The COBOL Programming Course educates those developers or students who would like to learn COBOL skills with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor (VS Code) and extensions. These training materials offer hands-on experience with real-life Enterprise COBOL demos and an overview of the language.