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Mainframe Open Education – Help Us Help the Next Generation of Mainframers

By | April 22, 2022

Written by Lauren Valenti, Director, Mainframe Education, and Customer Engagement, Broadcom, and Mainframe Open Education Core Team Member

Accessible Mainframe Education, in one place, that supports learning paths to Mainframe job roles – Sounds like a great idea, right?  We think so too.

Mainframe Open Education will do just that. Mainframe Open Education (MOE), a project by the Open Mainframe Project, is bringing the concept of open source to Mainframe education and training. The mission is to deliver mainframe users a convenient platform to create or donate learning tools so we cultivate skills and all for knowledge sharing and community contributions.  The effort is a community-based program, offering a collection of knowledge within our generous community who are leading the way for future mainframe technicians.  Mainframe users or those who are new to the Mainframe will be able to tap into knowledge gained from decades of experience of Mainframe subject matter experts.

We’ve made tremendous progress! We’re proud to announce that we have identified the GitBook platform to host Mainframe Open Education content, and have begun identifying, developing, and curating education materials. Thank you to our partners such as Broadcom, IBM, Kyndryl, and ProTech.  We can’t do this alone. We need the help of the community to contribute, curate, and offer content back to the rest of the community, at no cost or at a very low cost.

How can you help? We’ve made it easy!

  1. Access the GitBook Workspace using this link.
  2. Request editor access under the How You Can Contribute section.
  3. Review and contribute to the existing content by creating Change Requests and using the Discussion feature. Be sure to review GitBook help to familiarize yourself with these functions.
  4. Your contributions will be reviewed and merged by the Mainframe Open Education review team.

Join the Mainframe Open Education project today. Attend our Community meetings here to help guide and contribute to the education of the next generation of Mainframers!