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Diverse Perspectives of Women in IT (March 2024)

By | June 20, 2024

The Making Our Strong Community Stronger (MSCS) collaborative hosted a webinar featuring a panel discussion on the experiences of women in the IT industry, moderated by Dr. Gloria Chance, President and CEO of The Mousai Group. Panelists included Dr. Rebecca Gott (IBM), Donna Hudi (Phoenix Software), Arshind Kaur (BMC), Ruchi Saxena (Broadcom), and Allyson Cook (Broadcom).

The discussion covered various topics including the underrepresentation of women in technology, challenges they face, and strategies for creating more inclusive workplaces.

The panelists shared their personal journeys, highlighting the importance of mentorship, sponsorship, and networking in their career growth.

The conversation emphasized the need for better support systems, the impact of gender biases, and the significance of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in the tech industry.