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5 Reasons to attend Open Mainframe Summit 2023

By | August 9, 2023

We’re excited for IBM’s TechXchange Conference on September 11-14! More than 5,000 technical attendees will be on-site to engage and network with and attend the more than 1,000 sessions, demos, instructor-led labs and roadmap discussions. Open Mainframe Summit Las Vegas will be part of TechXchange’s Community Day, which kicks off the event on September 11 at the MGM Grand Hotel.

One registration will give attendees access to all Community Day and TechXchange activities. TechXchange registration is currently available at $1599, however, Open Mainframe Summit attendees will get a $300 discount. Attendees pre-register with this form – once completed, you will then receive a link with a discounted rate.

Open Mainframe Summit Las Vegas will feature keynote presentations and sessions that showcase projects such as Open Mainframe’s COBOL Check, COBOL Programming Course, Feilong, Galasa, Mentorship, Mainframe Open Education, and Zowe as well as diversity and mainframe modernization. It will also feature informal networking opportunities and a chance to ask mainframe experts anything. Check out the full schedule here.

Why Attend?

Zowe: Zowe has been named the Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution” in the DevOps Dozen Awards for two years running. This win reflects the many achievements from this past year, such as increasing in components, extensions, community members and adoption. At Open Mainframe Summit, not only will there be several technical sessions that showcase the features and capabilities, but there will also several use cases and customer testimonials. Speakers range from customers to members of the Zowe Advisory Committee (ZAC) and the Zowe Technical Steering Committee (TSC) from Open Mainframe Project member companies Broadcom Mainframe Software, IBM and Rocket Software

Diversity: Every year, diversity plays a large role at the conference. This year, diversity will be front and center on the main stage as a keynote that highlights a range of female mainframe practitioners who will share their experiences being professional women in the industry and an advocate who encourages women in tech. Hear about not only the highs and lows, but the utterly comical and absurd. This panel will investigate all different perspectives from business problems to more technical discussions. Speakers include Louisa Seers, Product Manager at IBM; Sudharsana Srinivasan, Advocacy Manager at IBM; Donna Hudi, CMO at Phoenix Software International and Len Santalucia, CTO at Vicom Infinity.

Galasa: What is Galasa??? Galasa is an open-source test framework that ensures the integrity of your applications. Learn more about what the project is and why it is now under Open Mainframe Project.

Mentorship: Elizabeth Joseph, Global Head, Open Source Program Office for IBM Z & LinuxONE at IBM, will give a keynote about mentorship and how it illuminates pathways for future innovators. She’ll share details about Open Mainframe Project’s Mentorship Program, why it is so important for future innovators in our community and serve as a call to action for more projects and companies to participate.

Mainframe Open Education:  What roles are out there right now for Mainframe professionals? What skills are needed for those roles and what resources are available to develop them? If you think you know the answers you may be surprised at how much the Mainframe workforce has evolved. Mainframe modernization and the accompanying call for agile business strategies have changed the face of traditional job roles. John Lovett, Head of Education and Customer Engagement, Mainframe Division at Broadcom & Paul Newton, Consulting IT Specialist at IBM, shares stats, trends and how Mainframe Open Education helps education the next generation of mainframers.

Learn more about Open Mainframe Summit. Pre-register for IBM Techxchange here.