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When DevOps And Platform Engineering Meet Mainframe

By | July 24, 2023

In this episode of TFiR: T3M, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Alan ClarkOpen Mainframe Project Governing Board Member and CTO Office and Director for Industry Initiatives at SUSE, to share his insights on DevOps in open mainframe space.

Is DevOps dead? The goal of DevOps has always been to deliver software more quickly and more reliably – that is not changing. How software gets developed, how it gets processed, and how it gets deployed will evolve and grow in importance in the future.

The modern mainframe is recognized by developers today as a platform that is broad, robust, secure, sustainable, and its market is growing.

Why include a mainframe in your architecture?

  • It has the ability to scale up. DevOps has always been about rapid deployment. As your scale goes up, you’ll be deploying more and more broadly and that becomes complex.
  • For sustainability — consolidate workloads to save electricity, cooling space, time, and energy of developers.
  • For flexibility — put workloads where they make sense.
  • For mobility — move things on prem and off prem.
  • It is a key platform for confidential computing. It is a quantum-safe environment.

The purpose of Git is to automate and streamline software development and delivery processes. It is used as a delivery approach where it is leveraged as a source of truth. It is a declarative infrastructure so it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the mainframe or on any other platform – it is the same source of truth.

On OpenMainframe, the paradigms are the same and the tools are the same. Developers don’t have to differentiate whether they’re on the mainframe or on an x86 or on a RISC platform or whatever. It’s the same and they should treat and leverage the tools the same way.

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