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Zowe v1.11.0 Upload

By | May 5, 2020
The Zowe 1.11 z/OS components include a number of improvements with single sign-on (SSO) between the API Mediation Layer, the Zowe APIs, and the Zowe Desktop Explorer Apps.  The API Catalog supports the ability for users to try API requests and view responses directly with a “Try it out” button.  The Zowe Desktop supports the ability to change TSO password, including for expired credentials.  Support for lifecycling extension offerings with Zowe is described with a new documentation chapter  A full list of all new content, as well as bug fixed in 1.11, is available at  The Zowe z/OS components are available as convenience build installed with USS shell scripts, as well as the co-requisite SMP/E PTFs UO01942 and UO01943.
Alongside Zowe 1.11 the Visual Studio Code marketplace plugin Zowe Explorer has release 1.5 which includes improvements to profile management and introduces an extenders API allowing vendor offerings to add additional functionality to Zowe Explorer.  The Zowe Explorer now has over 8,000 unique downloads and is receiving a lot of attention through its inclusion in the Open Mainframe Project COBOL training course  Because of its success and need to grow and meet its users’ needs a new Zowe IDE Squad has been created rather than have Zowe Explorer be managed as part of the Command Line Interface (CLI) squad.
Zowe 1.11 content