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Zowe Success Stories (Video)

By | December 14, 2022

At Open Mainframe Summit, which took place on September 21-22 virtually and in-person in Philadelphia, PA, Joe Winchester, Senior Technical Staff Member – Zowe architect at IBM, gave a presentation titled, “Customer Success Stories Incorporating Zowe in Their z/OS Transformation and Modernization Journeys.”

The Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe components have been used successfully by many customers to help with a number of their z/OS modernization and transformation projects. This video focuses on some of these, ranging from building DevOps pipelines for more agile deployment of software, building custom dashboards with the Node SDK, automation with the python SDK scripts, and successful use of the CLI to bridge older REXX scripts with modern scripting front ends. Rather than this talk being a bottom up “Hear how Zowe works and what it can do” this is a top down “Hear how customers have successfully used Zowe.” In my job at IBM supporting Zowe customers I have talked to over 50 accounts to help them deploy and be successful with Zowe across a very wide range of scenarios, and this talk distills the common patterns I encounter in the field.

You can view the presentation materials here.

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For more Zowe, check out the Medium blog here or the Zowe community website at You can also ask a question and join the conversation on the Open Mainframe Project Slack Channel #Zowe-dev, #Zowe-user or #Zowe-onboarding. If this is your first time using the Open Mainframe Project Slack, register here.