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Zowe Day at SHARE Columbus

By | August 10, 2022

This year, Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe community has been super busy. They’ve achieved many milestones including:

  • Industry recognition: “Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution” in this year’s DevOps Dozen Award Competition
  • Extraordinary growth: The user survey from the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2022 offers some eye-opening statistics: 19% of sites are already using Zowe (up from 10% last year) with a further 50% of sites planning to use it in the coming year (a big increase from 10% last year).
  • Improved features:  Zowe’s LTS V2 release, launched in April, offer vendors and customers product stability, security, interoperability as well as easy installation and upgraded features.

With so much momentum, we invite all attendees of SHARE, hosted in Columbus on September 21-26, to join us for Zowe Day on Monday, August 22. The event will be live streamed, so virtual attendees will be able to watch the sessions presented by Open Mainframe Project Ambassadors and leaders from the Zowe Advisory Committee and Technical Steering Committee. The agenda is below:

9:45 -10:45 am

  •  Zowe Day Part 1: Overview of Zowe, Today and Beyond – Rose Sakach (Broadcom), Domenico D’Alterio (IBM), Sean Grady (Rocket Software) and Michael Bauer (Broadcom)    Session 1 kicks off the day with a general Zowe overview and is recommended for all, but a must for those new to Zowe.

11 am – 12 pm 

  • Zowe Day Part 2: How Zowe Helps DevOps – Joe Winchester (IBM) and Michael Bauer (Broadcom) If your organization is interested in enabling mainframe DevOps – don’t miss  Session 2 where the focus on Zowe Command Line Interface (CLI) Use Cases will demonstrate its applicability.

1:45 – 2:45 pm  

  • Zowe Day Part 3: Deploy and Configure Zowe – Security Updates – Joe Winchester (IBM) and Rose Sakach (Broadcom) and Sean Grady (Rocket Software) System Administrators responsible for the install and configuration of Zowe will want to reserve a seat for Session 3 where the experts will offer step-by-step best practices with guidance on security options and additional recommendations for consideration.

3:15 – 4:15 pm 

  • Zowe Day Part 4: How to extend Zowe – Michael Bauer (Broadcom) and Sean Grady (Rocket Software) We will conclude the day with a focus on the development community interested in extending Zowe. Session 4 will showcase the programmable interfaces and their associated Zowe Conformance programs.

Open Mainframe Project launched Zowe, the first-ever open source project based on z/OS, in 2018 to serve as an integration platform for the next generation of administration, management and development tools on z/OS mainframes.  The Zowe framework uses the latest web technologies among products and solutions from multiple vendors. Zowe enables developers to use familiar, industry-standard, open source tools to access mainframe resources and services. Register for SHARE here.

If you can’t make it to SHARE,  Zowe will also be featured in several sessions at Open Mainframe Summit, hosted virtually or in-person in Philadelphia, PA, on September 21–22. Register here.

Or, ask a question and join the conversation on the Open Mainframe Project Slack Channel #Zowe-dev, #Zowe-user or #Zowe-onboarding. If this is your first time using the slack channel, register here.