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Zowe Chat v 1.0.0 Technical Preview – Download it today!

By | November 2, 2022

Written by Domenico D’Alterio, a leader in the Zowe Technical Community and Principal Product Manager at IBM

Zowe Chat v 1.0.0 Technical Preview has been released for public downloading!

Zowe Chat is a chatbot that aims to enable a ChatOps collaboration model including z/OS resources and tools. Maybe Zowe Chat becomes yet another valuable integration technology for z/OS in the enterprise and hybrid cloud environments for breaking down the silos across IT staff, lines of business, customer support, etc. We encourage you to learn more about Zowe Chat, download it and check out the resources below.

The key features delivered in this technical preview include:

  • Manage z/OS resource in chat tool channels
  • Check z/OS job, data set, and USS files status directly in chat tool channels
  • Drill down on a specific job, data set, USS file and so on to get more details through button or drop-down menus
  • Issue z/OS console commands directly in the chat tool channels
  • Execute Zowe CLI command in chat tool channels
  • Execute Zowe CLI commands directly in chat tool channels
  • Extendibility
  • Extend Zowe Chat by developing plug-ins or contributing code to the base Zowe Chat or existing plug-ins
  • Security
  • Zowe Chat leverages z/OS and chat platform to perform authentication and authorization. A one-time challenge URL is prompted for each user to ask for login with his/her own mainframe ID when user chats with Zowe Chat bot in channels in the first time.

You can find more details from below links:

For more details about Zowe Chat, you can read Domenico’s previous blog here or watch his presentation from Open Mainframe Summit here.