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The Zoweian – Issue Two (December 2019)

By | December 16, 2019

Getting ready for Long Term Support (LTS)

Heading into 2020 the focus of the Zowe squads is to prepare for a version 1 Long Term Support (LTS) release. Why LTS?

  • This will establish a foundation which offers adopters easy (or seamless) subsequent release upgrades, essentially eliminating the possibility of “breaking changes”
  • Customers or software vendors who leverage Zowe can be confident that any offering built on top of the LTS will remain functional with all drivers delivered after the LTS

Look for more information on LTS and how this affects the Zowe conformance program in future playbacks and blogs. Questions? Concerns? Interested in learning more? Contact the Zowe Onboarding squad on slack or by [e-mail] (, as well as check out the github issues tagged with LTSR.

Community Happenings

Zowe Explorer (FKA The Zowe VS Code Extension)

The Zowe Explorer had a great November!

  • Release 1.0 went GA
  • Reached more than 2,600 unique downloads

Technologies powered by Zowe Explorer

  • Eclipse Che Che4z: Broadcom contributed the Eclipse Che4Z project to the Eclipse Foundation. This allows web-based z/OS development with a cloud-hosted IDE built around Zowe technology. Lukas Zima has a great blog showing how to get started
  • VS Code Code4z: The Broadcom Code4Z collection of extensions for Visual Studio code was released. It includes the Zowe Explorer together with COBOL language support and an explorer for CA Endevor
  • IBM Z Open Editor: introduced plenty of new functionality as well, including JCL Syntax Completion added by Bill Pereira. When used with the Zowe Explorer, the user can expect a development experience like one would get on many other platforms

Upcoming Conference News

February 24 – 28 2020: Don’t miss the SHARE conference in Fort Worth, Texas


Zowe 1.7:

Zowe 1.7.1:

Zowe 1.8:

  • Originally scheduled for mid-December
  • Currently expected for early January 2020 release


Security blogs Zowe API security from Greg McKinnon and  Zowe CLI from Dan Kelosky

  • Single-sign-on (SSO)
  • Multi-factor-authentication (MFA)
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Bill Pereria of the Zowe onboarders squad has a Zowe demos youtube playlist and last month published two new videos.

The blog site has new content



The squads use git issues and meet each week to track and plan their work.  If anyone wants to influence or follow progress please look at the zenhub board or attend the meetings.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • CICS web service support was enhanced by adding URI maps

Zowe Explorer

  • Remembering of filter criteria similar to a browser history, avoiding re-typing each time values need recalling
  • Job filtering made easier with optimized search paths and favorites.
  • Dataset and member copy and rename
  • Credential prompting in profiles and favorites
  • Safe save is the default function (to avoid in-flight collisions)

Web UI Squad

Menu options added for

  • Dataset and Dataset member deletion
  • Displaying properties of unix files and directories, as well as dataset and dataset members
  • Showing original JCL for submitted jobs similar to the SJ function in SDSF

API Mediation Layer

Happy holidays

… and a merry new year.