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The Sustainability Trailblazers (Video)

By | October 28, 2022

In recent years, sustainability has leapt to the forefront of corporate priorities. Customers, employees and investors are all pressuring companies to communicate more clearly and show results.

While many companies have a sustainability strategy, only 35% of companies can be considered “trailblazers” who are acting on that strategy, according to a recent IBM business value study. It is those trailblazers who are addressing the real challenges and seeing the benefits of going sustainable.

Nada Santiago, Principal Product Manager for LinuxONE Hardware Solutions at IBM, presented a keynote at Open Mainframe Summit in Philadelphia, PA, on September 21-22, titled “The Sustainability Trailblazers.”

Watch Nada’s video where she discusses how trailblazers are using open source solutions to build a sustainability strategy, harness data and AI to address reporting challenges, and galvanize stakeholders for differentiation and growth.


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