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The Open Mainframe Project Zowe 1.10 Release Now Available

By | April 16, 2020
The Open Mainframe Project Zowe 1.10 release is the first update since Zowe entered its Term Support phase back.  On February 28th when 1.9 the z/OS SMP/E distribution was made available with an FMID of AZWE001.  The 1.10 z/OS components are made available as two co-requisite PTFs UO01939 and UO01940.  Zowe z/OS components remain available as a roll up convenience build installable through unix shell scripts. The current program increment of Zowe is delivering on a number of significant features to make it more enterprise-ready some of which are in 1.10, including the beginnings of full single-sign-on implementation.  Where the API Mediation Layer is able to provide JSON Web Tokens (JWT).  The web browser Zowe Desktop user interface has been enhanced to allow filtering of apps and an updated logon screen.  The Zowe Explorer includes a number of usability improvements with profile management, working with large files and searching and filtering.  The Zowe CLI continues to grow and featured in a number of blog posts and videos as the community continues to help its users be successful.