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Re-imagining Mainframe Insights through Open Source Tooling

By | January 24, 2024January 26th, 2024

Written by Jessielaine Punongbayan, Open Mainframe Project Ambassador and Tech Evangelist at Dynatrace

Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash

As a mainframe professional, understanding the performance of your mainframe is a crucial aspect of the job. It is very essential to detect any issues promptly and even more advantageous if potential problems can be anticipated. Modern monitoring tools, such as OpenTelemetry and Dynatrace, provide this capability.

Join me as I discuss my exploration of OpenTelemetry and how I incorporated it into monitoring my mainframe, seamlessly integrating it with Zowe and Dynatrace. I’ll share insights into the benefits and possibilities this integration brings to the realm of mainframe monitoring.

This article originally ran on Jessielaine’s Medium Blog. To read more content like this, click here.