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Open Source Unlocks Mainframe Data: In Situ Analytics with GenevaERS

By | June 8, 2022

Are you getting an accurate view of your enterprise? Operational data can be a valuable source of analytics, but is often inaccessible in critical applications residing on the mainframe. An unexpected reporting solution is now possible: open source on the mainframe.  The Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project has recently promoted GenevaERS, the single-pass optimization engine for data extraction, transformation and analytics on z/OS, to an active more mature project status.

In this article published in Enterprise Executive 2022, Kip Twitchell, Chair of Open Mainframe Project’s GenevaERS, and Randall Ness, GenevaERS Lead Architect, share an overview of the project, milestones it has achieve and what the future holds. You can view the entire article here: .

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