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Open Mainframe Project’s 2021 Annual Report

By | April 13, 2022

There were glimmers of hope in 2021 within the pandemic but we continued to shift the way we work, the way we live and how we connect with those around us. We became masters of our online journey with more on-camera meetings, using digital messaging platforms like Slack, Signal or Google Chat and attending virtual events.

We continued to see organizations embrace open source principles and collaborate with like-minded companies to accelerate new innovations and share best practices. I think the collaborative activities in our project communities brought a sense of togetherness that renewed people’s spirits. This helped the Open Mainframe community achieve significant milestones in COBOL, GenevaERS, Mentorship, Zowe and a host of other projects and initiatives.

The 2021 annual report will give you an overview of all the accomplishments the Open Mainframe Project community made this year including:

  • New Projects and Working Groups like COBOL Check, the Linux Distribution Working Group and Open z/OS Enablement Working Group
  • COBOL Programming Course and GenevaERS graduating to become active projects, marketing maturity and dependability of the project as well as a passionate community
  • New Zowe incubator projects (Workflow WiZard and ZEBRA) as well as enhancements to the Zowe Conformance Program
  • The largest Open Mainframe Mentorship Class to date
  • A new ambassador program
  • The 2nd Annual Open Mainframe Summit + more!

Read more about all of the milestones and updates from the Open Mainframe Project community in the 2021 Annual Report here.

We are proud of our community and hope this gives you a look at how hard we all worked and the benefits to the ecosystem. We truly are proud of everything accomplished and can not thank our members, student mentees, mentors, developers, leaders, ambassadors and committers enough. Thank you for all of your hard work! We look forward to a  better 2022 with a strong, vibrant and diverse community.