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Open Mainframe Project Growth on Full Display at Open Source Summit

By | September 20, 2019

The Open Mainframe Project kicked off the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit with big news about growth in new members, new projects, and more. We announced four new members: Phoenix Software, Syncsort, Western University, and Zoss Team LLC; and three new projects, nearly doubling the number hosted by the OMP umbrella: Feilong, zorow, and TerseDecompress. And we announced the Zowe Conformance program, to give users the confidence applications that leverage Zowe meet their needs, and we announced continued support for internships and diversity in the mainframe community.

A Quick Recap

To kick things off, the Open Mainframe Project was part of the opening keynote by Jim Zemlin! (That’s two years in a row, actually.) Starting that first morning and for the full 3 days of the event, the Open Mainframe Project booth was staffed by Open Mainframe members with discussions about mainframe technologies, open source, how to better organize the community, and tons more.

Open Mainframe Mini-Summit

We held our first ever Open Mainframe Mini-Summit, focusing on talks and Q&A sessions from members of the community. It was a great way to meet face-to-face, talk mainframe technologies, network and make friends.

Introduction to Our New Projects

We have three new projects starting under the Open Mainframe Project umbrella. We are very pleased to be working with them to help expand their project and strengthen their outreach to their communities and users. 

Feilong is a z/VM Cloud Connector that provides virtual resource management for z/VM. Users can manage the VM lifecycle dynamically and automatically without deep knowledge of z/VM itself through REST API. Users do not need to manually provision, manage, and destroy guests. Feilong also provides an SDK to make it easy to develop system management tools. Fundamentally, Feilong allows IaaS/PaaS solutions such as Openstack or Terraform to consume z/VM by providing REST APIs, making time to market faster.

TerseDecompress helps IBM mainframe customers uncompress large files like system dumps with the TERSE program on a mainframe. Normally, if the receiving does not have a mainframe in their datacenter it is not possible to uncompress files. With TerseDecompress the files can be decompressed on any workstation that supports JAVA. There is no need to have access to a mainframe to uncompress files that are tersed on a mainframe.

z/OS Open Repository of Workflows (zorow) is a new open source community dedicated to contributing and collaborating on z/OSMF workflows. Many tenured systems administrators use their own processes to perform common system management tasks. Workflows help to create efficiency and reduce the complexities of these tasks while enabling the transfer of knowledge from tenured systems administrators to early career professionals in a seamless and consistent way.

New Members

Four new members, Phoenix Software, Syncsort, Western University, and Zoss Team LLC, were announced during the event. We are pleased to be working with these new knowledgeable and energetic members. They highlight the international reach and range of interest in supporting mainframe development across software consultants, vendors, and academia. 

(Zoss Team LLC logo not displayed)

Here is a listing of all the members of the Open Mainframe Project:

If your organization is interested in joining the Open Mainframe Project, please see:

See You Next Time!

It was a really busy event with great information and lots of connections with old and new friends. Open source is all about connecting with people and supporting each other. We are really pleased to be a part of a growing community with so much great energy and direction!

If you didn’t make it to Open Source Summit North America, we’ll be at the Open Source Summit EU in Lyon, France (Oct 28-30). Come see us there!

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