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New Trends and Advances in Mainframe Industry

By | October 18, 2017

Hemanth Rama

Here at the Open Mainframe Project we are always looking for the latest innovations, innovators and trends in mainframe technology. Today we bring you an innovation story of a young millennial mainframe engineer Hemanth Rama from BMC Software Inc. We hope this blog post inspires young engineers to become part of the mainframe world.

About Innovation

Mainframe technology is the longest-serving platform and it runs many of the world’s most critical workloads. This includes large financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, health care, utilities, government, military, and a multitude of other public and private enterprises.

Because the mainframe is a multi-billion-dollar industry, innovations have significant  impact in the industry and the global economy.

Hemanth and BMC addressed one of the biggest challenges facing mainframe users today – cost of ownership.  The biggest expense is the monthly software cost.

Hemanth and BMC made an innovation in this area by dynamically managing mainframe computers with software that significantly reduces the cost of ownership.  This work earned the team 2 patents and 1 pending application.

Hemanth says that he attributes his success in the field to his brilliant professors who taught him mainframe computing at Northern Illinois University(NIU), DeKalb, Illinois. He says that the strong foundation he had at NIU along with cutting edge technology news at international conferences like SHARE, CMG helped him to thrive in the mainframe industry.

About Hemanth

Hemanth Rama is a senior software engineer at BMC Software. Hemanth is a mainframe expert specializing in performance, z software costs and workload manager and he holds 2 patents and 1 pending patent. Hemanth writes regularly for many popular IT web sites and also on his personal blog. He passionately speaks about mainframe technologies at various conferences, symposiums and user groups.  He worked on BMC Mainview for z/OS, CMF Monitor, Sysprog Services performance monitoring products and currently works on Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise (iCap) product which optimizes MLC cost.

Be sure to check out zNextGen team where Hemanth and his team help and encourage young mainframe engineers worldwide with year-round skill development activities including free monthly technical introductory sessions.

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