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Mentorship: Allyship at its Best (Video)

By | November 4, 2022

Open Mainframe Project’s Mentorship Program is one of the oldest and most popular initiatives. Since launch, the Mentorship program has helped more than 75 students gain experience in a hands-on learning experience with Linux, open source, and mainframes.

It also provides a more defined path for our projects to connect with the next generation of student developers to inject more talent into their developer base. Each mentee will apply, express interest in one of Open Mainframe Project’s current projects and be matched with a mentor who is a leader or an active developer in the mainframe community. Previous mentors include leaders from member companies Broadcom, IBM, Red Hat, Rocket Software, SUSE and Vicom Infinity. 

Mentees expand their mainframe knowledge and leave the mentorship with a good foundation of real-world skills, contacts at top technology companies and one step closer to a productive and rewarding career. After each Mentorship Mentees who have done outstanding work may have the opportunity to travel to an conference/event to meet their peers and mentors face-to-face and to present their work to the broader community.

At Open Mainframe Summit, which took place in Philadelphia, PA, on September 21-22, John Mertic, Director of Program Management at the Linux Foundation, moderated a keynote panel with former mentors Broadcom’s Jakub Balhar, Chair of the Zowe Technical Steering Committee, IBM’s Elizabeth Joseph, Chair of the Software Discovery Tool TSC and SUSE’s Mike Friesenegger, Chair of the Feilong Project. They discuss why mentorships are important, best practices and the impact it has made on their professional and personal journeys.

Watch it here:

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