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Make mainframe support a new year’s resolution for your open source project for 2018!

By | January 8, 2018

Mainframes make an impact on each of us every day – whether we get paid, take a plane, use a bank, or even shop in a store. Increasingly open source software is a key piece of the stack powering these application – over 90% of mainframe user run Linux and a recent Open Mainframe Project survey found that over half of the workloads on mainframe are using open source components.

Are you looking to have your open source project support this architecture? The Open Mainframe Project is a great partner in helping you get the resources you need, such as:

  • Access to mainframe hardware for testing and continuous integration.
  • Connections with experts in mainframe for ideas on best practices and resources for supporting s390x code in your project.
  • Prominence with the top mainframe users worldwide to gain adoption of your project.

Open Mainframe Project has been funding work on open source since it’s inception, supporting platform adoption of open source projects such as OpenStack, Docker, Alpine Linux, Tensorflow, HyperLedger, and others.

Interested in exploring mainframe support for your project? Contact us at for more information.