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Join us in Welcoming the 2019 Open Mainframe Project Interns!

By | June 5, 2019

We are excited to introduce the 2019  Open Mainframe Project interns! This year, we welcome 9 global students – each paired with mentors from OMP member organizations such as Red Hat, IBM, Sine Nomine Associates and SUSE who designed a project to address a specific mainframe development or research challenge.

Welcome interns and we can’t wait to see what you do this year! Here’s a look at this year’s students:

Name: Priyanka Advani

Project: The Compliance Project

Priyanka is pursuing Master’s in Computer Science from Santa Clara University and has 7 years of experience working in mainframe industry.  During her industry experience, worked on Insurance and Banking Industry in Test Data Management, ETL Process, Database Refreshes, Data Obfuscation, and many Z-series Automation and Development projects. Prior to that, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from India. She is a core technical person by heart and always excited to learn new things.

Name: Kautilya Tripathi

Project: The DockerHub Development Stack

Kutilya Tripathi is a Backend developer who is also known as knrt10 in the open source community. He has learned most of his developer skills while working on personal open source projects or contributing to open source organizations on GitHub. He values open source because for him it’s a way to give something back to the community. He has a wide online presence and an active contributor to open source organizations. You can follow him on Github(knrt10) to learn more about his ongoing open source projects.

Name: Naveen Naidu

Project: Boost Context Module Implementation for s390x

Naveen is a third year Computer Science Undergraduate from Bangalore, India. He goes by the name @Naveenaidu on the internet. He’s inquisitive by nature and has a burning desire to explore various fields to help people benefit from technology. He is an open source aficionado and is the core-developers team of coala(an open source static analytic tool). He also was the 2018’s Google Code In mentor for coala.

When Naveen is AFK (Away from keyboard), he spends his time giving talks and conducting workshops promoting the Open Source Community and it’s advantages. He loves watching animated movies and reading Fantasy Fiction( Lord of Rings being his favorite).

Name: Vedarth Sharma

Project: The DockerHub Development Stack

Vedarth is a very enthusiastic person. Whenever he sees something new he tries to learn more about it. He has been contributing to open source for last two years. He got to learn so much from different projects that he has contributed to and is still finding it interesting to explore new projects. He loves programming and keeping up with new technologies is his hobby.

Name: Yash Jain

Project: Zowe Features Addition

Yash Jain is an software engineering intern with the Open Mainframe Project working on Zowe Feature Addition. He has contributed to Kata containers and has worked on VesitLang, a teaching aid which provides visualization for common graph algorithms. He is a computer engineering student at the University of Mumbai, India. Apart from programming, he loves to play chess and has also participated at the Commonwealth Chess Games.

Name: Usman Haider

Project: Zowe Features Addition

Usman Haider is a graduate student and has experience in programming languages including Python, C, C++, Qt, Typescript, HTML and shell scripting. He is a user and programmer of FOSS for more than 5 years. He loves to contribute in open source projects. He participated in Google Summer of Code and contributed his work to GNSS-SDR project. Usman is a past intern of Open Mainframe project. He is a member of Linux Academy. Usman has just started his journey in mainframe and is interested in Zowe development. Among his interests are Linux development, embedded Linux development, open source software development and packaging, machine learning, and cloud technologies.

Name: Shivam Singhal

Project: The Compliance Project

Shivam is an avid open source contributor. He is 3rd year CSE bachelor student.He is bug squasher @ Mozilla Addons Ecosystem,  Mozilla Reps and part of the Featured Add-ons Advisory Board. He loves to hack Firefox Rendering Engine. He lives on internet by the name `championshuttler`.  He loves to meet new people, connect, discuss, network and grow, mostly at conferences and tech meet-ups. Most of his weekends spend in Hackathons.

Name: Sladyn Nunes

Project: Big-Endian Support for BoringSSL

Sladyn Nunes is a third year CSE Undergrad from Mumbai University. He enjoys contributing to open source projects and has contributed to coala and honeynet as well as famous repos like git-bug. He has an affinity for competitive programming and the adrenaline rush it brings. He goes by the name sladyn98 on the internet. 

Name: Dan Pavel Sinkovicz

Project: Cloud Foundry Operator for Kubernates on Z

Dan Pavel Sinkovicz is  a Computer Software Engineering student at the University of Northampton.

Learn more about the mentors and the project here