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Feilong: The Open Source API for z/VM Automation (Video)

By | November 30, 2022

At Open Mainframe Summit, which took place on September 21-22 virtually and in-person in Philadelphia, PA, Mike Friesenegger, Solutions Architect at SUSE, gave a presentation titled, “Feilong: The Open Source API for z/VM Automation.”

Feilong is an Open Mainframe incubation project. Feilong is a z/VM Cloud Connector that provides virtual resource management for z/VM. Users can manage the VM lifecycle dynamically and automatically without deep knowledge of z/VM itself through REST API. Users do not need to manually provision, manage, and destroy guests. Feilong also provides an SDK to make it easy to develop system management tools. Fundamentally, Feilong allows IaaS/PaaS solutions such as OpenStack™ or Terraform to consume z/VM by providing REST APIs, making time to market faster.

Learn about the project, how it is being used in a product and by customers as well as be introduced to the technical components of Feilong. Additionally, there will be demonstration that will show Feilong in action. Watch the video below.

View the presentation materials here.

For more information, visit the Feilong GitHub.

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