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Deadline Extended for Several Open Mainframe Project Summer Mentorships

By | May 13, 2024May 14th, 2024

The deadline has been extended for several of our Open Mainframe Project Summer Mentorships. Interested mentees should submit their applications via the Linux Foundation’s LFX platform by 5 pm PST Monday, May 20. Learn more and apply for them here:

Mainframe Modernization White Paper


  • Bruno Azenha, Red Hat, Inc. 
  • Misty Decker, Director of Application Modernization Product Marketing, OpenText

Mentorship Description:

Many conflicting points of view exist on the best way to modernize, causing confusion in the market and preventing any forward progress due to analysis paralysis. The mentee will publish a white paper on a mainframe modernization topic jointly determined by the mentee and the modernization working group. The student will need to work with mentors to identify a topic, research all available information, and write a white paper bringing a fair and balanced point of view.

Mainframe Modernization is a complex topic with many varying points of view. The Modernization Working Group was created to provide guidance to the many organizations worldwide trying to determine the best way to make their mainframe environments meet their changing business needs. We are launching an effort to create a series of white papers sharing a fair and balanced point of view on a variety of topics. This mentorship program will focus on whatever topic you are most excited about, for example, DevOps, cloud integration with mainframe, modernization techniques, and tooling, the business value of modernization, etc. We will teach you about mainframe modernization and help you choose a topic that interests you. Then you will research the topic and write a white paper which we will help publish and promote. There may be an opportunity for you to present your findings at virtual conferences. Apply here.

Mainframe Modernization Video Series


  • Misty Decker, Director of Application Modernization Product Marketing, OpenText
  • Bruno Azenha, Global Solutions Architect, Red Hat, Inc. 

Many organizations are struggling to determine the best way to make their current mainframe applications meet the current and future needs of the business.  The wide variety of opinions has caused many to feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward.

Mainframe modernization is a complex topic with many conflicting points of view.  The modernization working group was created to provide a fair and balanced point of view and provide clarity to the many organizations trying to determine which path is best for them.  Our goal is to create a series of short videos covering some of the many topics related to mainframe modernization, such as DevOps, integrating with the cloud, modernization techniques, data democratization, and more.  We will find some of the world’s top experts on these topics and help you schedule a series of interviews.  You would be the host, researching the topic ahead of time so you’re prepared with questions for your guests. The mentee will produce 8-12 videos, each a 30-minute interview with a different technical expert. Apply here.

Zowe – App Store UI

Mentor: Leanid Astrakou, Software Engineer, Scrum Master, Rocket Software

Mentorship Description:

Zowe currently has no clear way to deliver extensions to users. Components of Zowe can be installed, and vendors from their own sites may package apps as extensions to the same Zowe. However, as an independent user, the only way to download and install extensions is manually through GitHub and NPM. The app store introduces a key piece of fundamental UX.

Zowe is an open, extensible set of APIs, tools, and visual interfaces to interact with the mainframe, closely resembling the core functionality of any OS today. Like any OS, it needs an app store to install extensions. Mentees will build upon existing work to polish a front-end (React/Node.js) and continue the groundwork of a highly secure back-end (C/metal C). The App Store will allow Zowe users to install extensions from a UI, connected to a registry, for example: on npm or from some secure remote location. Apply here.

Zebra Plugin for Hitachi Mainframe Storage


  • Len Santalucia, CTO, Vicom Infinity, Inc.
  • Joe Carlisle, Hitachi

Mentorship Description:
The selected mentee will assist in developing an on-prem solution for monitoring mainframe performance using HMAI CSV data as input. Apply here.

Apply to these Open Mainframe Mentorships here today!