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Calling all COBOL community vendors and patrons! 

By | December 9, 2022

Make your mark with important COBOL market research. 

The Open Mainframe Project COBOL Working Group recently announced plans to embark on its most ambitious market survey to date. We seek your support and investment to bring this exciting project – and significant brand opportunity – to fruition.

About the Research

This new research is a collaboration between the COBOL Working Group, the Linux Foundation Research and the Linux Foundation Training and Certification. This project seeks to achieve a detailed understanding of the extent to which vendor investments in COBOL have continued, enabling COBOL to significantly increase its footprint in supporting modernization and other contemporary application requirements. 

The research aims to uncover: 

  • Continuing usage statistics of the COBOL language in the IT industry
  • The value of continued vendor investments in the language to support use cases in the digital era 
  • Attitudes to future use-cases for COBOL applications

The survey seeks to gain insights from across all relevant industries and geographic regions to provide a fully representative perspective for its findings. 

Why Sponsor? 

This is a historic opportunity to discover and contribute to the future of this excellence, particularly with respect to the COBOL programming language on its various platforms and its 800 billion lines of code almost invisibly running the world economy. Sponsorship benefits include: 

  • Support important market research 
  • Attain strategic insight into future market trends and buyer behavior
  • Realize brand awareness as a sponsor of important market research, including relevant publicity through the Open Mainframe Project

Contributing sponsors to this research will be an important step in understanding and shaping the future of COBOL, and the applications that run the world economy.


About the Open Mainframe Project COBOL Working Group

In 2020, Open Mainframe Project launched a COBOL Working Group (a vendor-neutral group of COBOL advocates and practitioners) that aims to address to promote and support the continued use of the COBOL language globally. Through research and promotion, the group aims to raise awareness for COBOL’s importance and vitality and change the perception of it accordingly. 

Join Us

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