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A Step-By-Step Guide to Zowe Installation

By | January 8, 2024

Written by Paul Wade, Zowe contributor and Product Management Director at Rocket Software

Open source software has become an incredibly popular and powerful tool for developers to collaborate and innovate. And as developers continue to embrace open source, the technology is increasingly finding its way into countless mission-critical systems, including the mainframe. At Rocket Software, we recognize the potential for open source as a means to accelerate modernization and have been a long-time partner of the Open Mainframe Project, whose goal is to support organizations as they continue to incorporate open source into their mainframe development processes.

Open Mainframe Project solutions like Zowe, an open-source software framework for z/OS, have proven highly critical in providing organizations with interoperability and scalability. As more of our customers embrace open source to help modernize their mainframe systems, we’ve built out solutions, like Rocket® Open Source Solutions for z/OS®, that help accelerate application development in a mainframe environment. Our open-source expertise runs deep, and Rocket Software has been involved with Zowe since the very beginning. During that time, we’ve accumulated a deep level of expertise and understanding around what it takes to effectively utilize the Zowe framework for application development.

And now, we’re making it even easier to dive in, successfully implement and make the most of what Zowe and open source has to offer with a new set of instructional videos. Touching on everything from installation prerequisites to MVS dataset setup, here’s a quick look at what we cover:

Installation Prerequisites – The installation prerequisites for Zowe are broken into four videos that cover: z/OS systems, UID and security permissions, network and client PC, and additional features and memory. Starting with the system requirements needed to implement Zowe, each of these videos outline the actions necessary to successfully install and run Zowe.

Download, Transfer, and Unpack the .PAX file – Following the installation prerequisites, this video maps out five key steps users need to take to begin to download, transfer, and unpack Zowe on IBM z/OS.

Set up MVS Dataset – The final part of this video playlist dives into the three steps to take when setting up MVS dataset-related configurations in the related Zowe.YAML file.

Watch the first video below:

As the mainframe industry navigates the expanding role of open source development, the Open Mainframe Project and solutions like Zowe have laid a foundation for secure management, control, scripting, and development on the Mainframe. With solutions built to support Open Mainframe Project solutions, including Zowe, Rocket Software is ready to support organizations as they incorporate open source into their modernization journeys.

Starting your Zowe journey? Explore the full instructional video playlist to help you get started.

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