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Zowe Momentum Continues…

By | March 22, 2019

We at the Open Mainframe Project are thrilled at the technical progression and the community support of Zowe. Launched just seven months ago, we announced the 1.0.0 milestone last month and have had more than 664 downloads of Zowe to date! We’ve even seen some cool integrations – Alex Kim, a mainframe engineer and architect with Vicom Infinity, developed a VIVA, a virtual assistant for interacting with your mainframe!

You can catch VIVA in the video below – a Zowe webinar that the Open Mainframe Project hosted last month. You’ll learn more about project, get an introduction to Zowe and see a live demo of the interactive one-of-a-kind VIVA.

As the community grows and continues to advance the support of Zowe, the project invites everyone in the mainframe ecosystem to contribute and get involved in the work. Learn more about how to become part of the community in this blog post.

We would also urge everyone using Zowe beta releases v0.8.x and v0.9.x to move to the latest v1.x.x release, as the beta releases will no longer be supported or maintained. The v0.8.x and v0.9.x releases of Zowe will not be available for download after May 31st, 2019.

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