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Open Mainframe Project’s 2022 Annual Report

By | March 8, 2023

Written by John Mertic, Executive Director of Open Mainframe Project

In 2022, as we transitioned from a pandemic to a new normal and started to deal with the economic headwinds, we continued to be united as an open source community. Keeping up with the momentum, around 1,248 total contributors continued to make an impact in the Open Mainframe Project ecosystem. This is an increase of 24% when compared to 2021. These contributors helped create 17,644 commits, which is a growth of 33%.

With more growth comes more security, which became one of the main themes of 2022. Other themes for the Open Mainframe Project included building a diverse and inclusive environment for developers, students and engineers on a global scale and offering more support and infrastructure for our projects and communities. Learn more about our momentum and milestones in the 2022 Open Mainframe Project Annual Report.

Download the 2022 Open Mainframe Project Annual Report here.



Security is a challenge that has evolved over the past few years. Where intrusion attacks were once the biggest threats, now supply chain attacks are prominent, an increase by over 500% in the past few years. This means that it’s not just important on how your software is built – but what components are being used and where you sourcing them f rom. Open Mainf rame Project produces software bill of materials (SBOMs) for every project hosted, leverages the LFX Security platform for managing vulnerabilities in third- party dependencies, and partners with the Open Source Security Foundation ( OpenSSF ) on best practices in running an open source project that is security conscious.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Open Mainframe Project aims to ensure that diversity is an important part of everything we do. From our project communities and leadership to the “Making Our Strong Community Stronger” collaborative initiative, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. This year, we made strides in this area that featured personal blogs by Open Mainframe leaders about diversity, more than 740 registrants to three webinars and a DEI track at Open Mainframe Summit.

New Mainframe Resource

With more than 20 current projects and Working Groups, several technical communities have
a need to be able to test open source code on hardware. In September, at our annual Open Mainframe Summit, we announced the availability of a z15 Mainframe system dedicated for training talent and the development of new open software technologies in ways that will further strengthen the integration of mainframe and cloud. Donated by Open Mainframe Project Platinum member Broadcom Mainframe Software Division, the z15 will be available for use by all projects and the open source community at large beginning in 2023.

I am proud and excited at the milestones we were able to reach this year as an ecosystem. For 2023, we will continue to focus on strengthening our ecosystem with more training and education, supporting our infrastructure with the new mainframe resource and celebrating diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging.

Download and read the 2022 Open Mainframe Project Annual Report here.