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2020 Zowe Hackathon Winner Presenting at Open Mainframe Summit

By | August 26, 2020

Earlier this year, Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe hosted its first-ever Virtual Hackathon for the developer community from February 23-April 30. The goal of the hackathon was to educate students, engineers, and makers around the world about the Zowe framework and how it can be used to create enterprise applications.

Three teams participated in the Hackathon; Team Automazing (HCL Technologies), Team Puzzles (Broadcom), and Team CZCS (IBM) you can learn more about their project presentations on YouTube. The winner of the Hackathon was Team Puzzles who will be presenting at the Open Mainframe Summit.

On Thursday, September 17  from 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm EST Jessielaine Punongbayan and Richelle Anne Craw will be speaking at the Open Mainframe Summit on “Zowe Out: The Interactive Learning Experience.” This session will showcase their winning hackathon project about a Zowe Learning Environment that allows you to learn more about Mainframe in a fun way.

Below is little more on the hackathon teams from the judges:

Judge Michael Bauer on Puzzles Team (Broadcom)
Overall, your team provided the most creative solution in my opinion. Within the Open Mainframe Project landscape, we currently see a significant number of individuals getting started with Zowe. Your solution provides an innovative way to help those people become successful with our technologies. In addition, by providing a mock z/OSMF, you are able to onboard folks who may not have access to a real z/OSMF instance.

Judge Elliot Jalley on Team Automazing (HCL)
Very polished with clear use cases in mind. Excellent use of Zowe with conformant APIs and CLI implementation. Congratulations to the team! My concern was that this felt like an in-flight project that was submitted as part of Hackathon which is ok but in that case, I would recommend only submitting/presenting what was actually implemented as part of Hackathon.

Judge Sean Grady on Team CZCS (IBM)
This project showed to me a deep understanding of the way the app framework works. So, I’m very impressed with what you have done so far! I hope you continue to make this a reality because I am sure the users of SMU will like it. I think this was a good hackathon project because you were exploring what you could do in a next-generation version of your project.