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The Modernization Working Group provides leadership in defining modernization for mainframes and mainframe applications with a broad view of the options, focusing on how to achieve business outcomes. It aims to create a common definition and framework around modernization in the mainframe space; produce educational material and promote all messages and definitions in a wider landscape for better alignment.

The current members interested in leading the effort include: Broadcom Mainframe Software, IBM, Micro Focus, Model9, Rocket Software, SUSE and Vicom Infinity, a Converge Company. 


  • Collaborating on a common definition of “mainframe modernization”
  • Creating a framework through which all vendors can highlight their modernization options.
  • Producing educational materials about modernization options and actual examples.
  • Creating one “go to” place for information about mainframe modernization.
  • Educating the market (mainframe and non-mainframe) via social media, blogs, articles and conferences.
  • Identifying opportunities for future Open Mainframe projects to enable modernization.

Learn more about the group and stay connected with the community:

Mailing List
Slack #wg-modernization