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TechRepublic: 100 years of mainframe? Webinar looks at the future of the IBM mainframe

By | July 24, 2020

A webinar explores the state of the mainframe and the challenges facing the maturing platform in the years ahead.

Early IBM mainframe systems were introduced in the mid-20th century with the pioneering IBM 360 announced in April of 1964. The mainframe technology has come a long way since its early vacuum tube days. These days, mainframes are integral to modern enterprises around the globe. Although, the platforms face challenges in the years ahead.

On Wednesday, an IBM Systems magazine webinar focused on the evolution of the mainframe over the years and its future. The Infotel Corp.-sponsored event titled “Preparing Enterprise IT for the Next 50 Years of Mainframe” featured speakers who discussed strategies to ensure the future of the platform amid a crucial IT skills shortage and other challenges.

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