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ITWeb: CA Southern Africa reveals the role of mainframe in today’s customer-centric business world

By | September 16, 2020

Published on September 15, 2020, by ITWeb.

Gerard King, CA Southern Africa Mainframe pre-sales and support engineer, expands on the growing role of the mainframe in a world of digital transformation where the customer is king.

Businesses around the globe, small and large, are continually striving for customer-centric strategies that enhance competitive-edge and growth. Indeed, any company not focused on continually examining, upgrading, and strategizing its systems and practices to engage and keep customers is possibly not going to survive the digital revolution.

The mainframe arena is no exception to this trend. Customers’ requirements and experiences are compelling many companies to examine and implement digital transformation initiatives. Today’s customers are digitally savvy, have many choices and exercise them in the face of bad experiences with a supplier, be that a bank or insurance company, etc.

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