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DevOps: Fourth Annual DevOps Dozen Winners Announced

By | January 30, 2019

CA Brightside is the winner of the Most Innovative DevOps Solution for 2018. CA Brightside is the first cross-enterprise DevOps solution designed to greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of development teams to control, script and develop for the mainframe like any other cloud platform. CA Brightside is also a foundational element of the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe initiative, the first open source project for the mainframe which strives to attract a new generation of IT administrators to mainframe platforms and make it easier to include mainframes within the larger scope of an integrated set of DevOps processes that span multiple platforms. CA Brightside is designed to make it easy to integrate the mainframe into enterprise DevOps workflows by allowing development teams to control, script and build for the mainframe just like they would for any other cloud platform through the use of familiar open source tools such as Jenkins, Gradle and IntelliJ via a command line interface (CLI).

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