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SHARE Virtual Summit March 2021

March 2, 2021 - March 24, 2021

SHARE Virtual Summit takes place in March 2-4, 9-11, 16-17 and 23-24. On week three – Tuesday, March 16-17 the conference will focus on DevOps in the Enterprise, Open Source on Z and Zowe CICS.

Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe will be presented in several talks at the conference.

Tuesday, March 9:

3-4 pm: 28343 – Want to Use IBM Z NetView REST APIs? Here’s How! – Pamela Mclean and James Henderson, IBM

In this session, our speakers will provide information on configuring the IBM Z NetView REST Server stand-alone and with Zowe and how it can be used with Service Management Unite to view NetView dashboards or to write your own web applications. The speakers will also provide configuration hints and tips on setting up the NetView program to make it easy for you to retrieve data from all NetView programs in your enterprise using a single NetView REST Server.

Tuesday, March 16:

10:30-10:55 am: 28363 – Zowe: A User’s Experience from an IT Infrastructure View – Matheus Milani De Oliveira, Gustavo De Paiva Almeida, Guilherme Cartier, IBM

IBM Services presenting the modernization roadmap leveraging ZOWE, zOSMF and OpenSource for Mainframe Digital Transformation, in a DEMO-session focused on showing how integration of products and solutions is possible, aiming to achive real IT & Business goals in a interactive and fun.

11-11:25 am: 28453 – Test automation framework of your choice powered by Zowe – Petr Vacula, Broadcom

Mainframe development teams sometimes create their own test automation tools to automate repetitive testing tasks. Most common reasons to build such tools are that formal test automation products do not fit their application’s needs or simply because there are no good test automation products available. At the same time, there are many test automation frameworks available for non-mainframe testing, many of which are open source. What if you could use one of these well established and proven testing frameworks to perform mainframe testing? It can be done by enabling the test automation framework to perform mainframe actions. Zowe client SDK is perfect fit for this duty.

12-12:25 pm: 28452 – How to configure z/OSMF for Zowe, Rose Sakach, Broadcom

The IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) is delivered with z/OS. Though documented as an optional prerequisite for Zowe, configuration is highly recommended to fully exploit Zowe’s capabilities. Join this session for an overview of first-time configuration tips, a list of common problems, and suggestions for trouble-shooting typical issues.

1-1:25 pm: 28383 – Easy start in zOS with one of the most popular IDEs – Kiryl Branavitski and Viktar Mushtsin, IBA Group

Explaining how open source projects can bring a breath of fresh air to the mainframe world. Inspired by ZOWE VS Code extension, we are introducing our vision of how to organize the development of zOS applications in the modern IDEs.

1:30-1:55 pm: 28573 – Muscle Memory: New Zowe Desktop Apps for the Multi-tasker – Sean Grady, Rocket Software

Where did I save that file? I know I just used that dataset… Do blockers like these drive you crazy? Have you ever wished you could explore and manage your datasets, files, and USS processes as simply as you do on your own computer? Now you can! Get the latest on the hottest new apps for the Zowe Desktop that give you the user experience your mind and fingertips are already trained to do. Quickly, easily and effectively handle tasks like finding which process is consuming CPU time, setting files to the right encoding, and extracting compressed files. Discover how you can explore and manage your datasets and files per your usual habit and much more. From seasoned veterans to new z/OS users, these cool apps are must haves for your day-to-day tasks.

2:30-2:55 pm: 28479 – I Get My CICS on Route Zowe! Using Zowe for CICS Development, Administration, Automation and More! Joe Winchester and Russell Bonner, IBM

Google for CICS development and traditionally you’ll have been be presented with ISPF panels and blogs with CEMT, CEDA, and other 4 letter acronyms.  This talk shows how that doesn’t have to be the case, where Zowe’s command line interface and VS Code extensions allow you to become productive with CICS using open, simple and familiar interfaces.  The presentation will focus on how an experienced CICS developer can do their job using the Zowe CLI and VS Code extensions including building a devops pipeline in Jenkins and Travis using open source technology.  The talk will also show how a developer who isn’t a CICS expert can navigate their way around JCL, compilation, deployment using scripting and familiar automation tools.

Wednesday, March 17:

1-1:25 pm: 28478 – Wowee it’s Zowe! Overview and deep dive in how customers, ISVS, and the community are using Zowe to transform and modernize the mainframe – Joe Winchester, IBM and Dan Kelosky, Broadcom

Zowe is an open source project owned and managed by the Linux Foundation working with a number of software vendors.  This talk will cover the landscape of Zowe, the community, the technology, and its architecture.  The focus will be on the deployment scenarios where since Zowe’s inception customers have deployed Zowe in their shops, and the different users to which they have adopted and been successful with the technology.  This talk will include co-presenters from customer shops sharing their experiences, as well as case studies for where Zowe was a good fit for mainframe devops or automation modernization.  The landscape of Zowe covers vendor offerings as well as runtimes such as CICS, DB2, IMS, MQ and more, so this talk has applicability across the diversity of what the mainframe can offer.

1:30-1:55 pm: 28578 – How to get Involved in the Zowe Community for fun, education, contribution or commercial extensions – Bruce Armstrong, IBM

Come learn the many ways you or your organization can get involved in the Zowe open community. The community is so much more than just open source code – it is the people and teams working together to improve the z/OS experience. We will cover how the community is organized, ways for you to interact with community members and key meetings to get your ideas, issues and requirements known. Zowe is a multifaceted project consisting of both open source but, almost more importantly, a set of executable services with open interfaces for download and immediate use. Bring your questions on how to get started and we will provide answers. The integrated components of Zowe can be used together or you can deploy selected components of Zowe for their specific capabilities. We will discuss deployment options. Come join the Zowe movement!!! Zowe is a project of the Open Mainframe Project. Zowe™ and the Open Mainframe Project™ are trademarks of the Linux Foundation.

2-2:25 pm: 28455 – Build z/OS-connected apps using Node.js, Python or Swift Zowe SDKs, Andrew Harn and Michael Bauer, Broadcom

The Zowe CLI Squad has recently introduced Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Node.js, Python, and Swift. These SDKs enable developers to integrate some of the most used Zowe CLI functions into their own projects with minimal development overhead. In this session, we will briefly describe how the Zowe CLI and the Zowe Explorer VS Code Extension utilize he Zowe Client Node SDK, what these SDKs have to offer, and explain how to get started with your own z/OS-connected project using your (Node, Python, or Swift) SDK-of-choice! We will also be interested to hear which languages you would like us to develop for next!

3-3:25 pm: 28539 – Proposed ZOWE Incubator – ZEBRA – Yongkim (Alex) Kim, Vicom Infinity

ZEBRA(Zowe Embedded Browser for RMF/SMF and APIs) is a proposed incubator project for Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe ZOWE Project. It intends to provide re-usable and industry compliant JSON formatted RMF/SMF data records, so that many other ISV SW and users can exploit them using Open-Source SW for many ways. It can serve applications using JSON formatted RMF data thru ZOWE managed APIs to share/re-use them. It has potential to help system programmers, capacity/performance analyzers use more open-source utilities out there, perhaps create knowledge base to share among z performance SMEs and users.

3:30-3:55 pm: 28543 – Access z/OS Performance & Management Data using Zowe CLI and CA SYSVIEW – Michael Heuzey, Broadcom

Zowe and the Open Mainframe Project are helping mainframers everywhere access their z/OS data and services in new and innovative ways. No longer are you bound to the green screen in order to interact with the mainframe. The new SYSVIEW for Zowe CLI plug-in is the latest way to utilize Zowe to view your mainframe systems and transactions off-platform.
Discover how you can harness Zowe and CA SYSVIEW to improve and streamline devops processes. Use cases include help desk ticket creation and CI/CD pipelines.

Register for the event at their website: Check out the rest of the agenda here.



March 2, 2021
March 24, 2021
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