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SHARE Pittsburgh 2019

August 5, 2019 - August 10, 2019

The Open Mainframe Project will be on-site at SHARE Pittsburgh 2019 on August 4 – 9. The event is dedicated to advancing enterprise technology and is handcrafted by professionals to expand knowledge, enhance skills and increase organizational efficiencies in the tech industry. OMP will have several sessions at the event. Please see below for a summary of some of our Zowe sessions.

Monday, August 5:

At 4:45-5:45 pm: Zowe: Taking a Look at the New Web-Based Viewer Technology Being Initially Rolled Out in IBM’s OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS (Room 409-410, session number 25035)

Louis Hanna from IBM will present OMP’s Zowe web based user interface.  Attendees will see how this technology is implemented, used, and can make life easier for z/OS based functions you perform on a daily basis.  The initial delivery in OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS highlights what this technology can do for you.

Tuesday, August 6:

7-8 am: Women in IT Breakfast. OMP is proud to sponsor the second annual Women in IT breakfast that brings professionals, engineers, educators and developers together for a morning of networking, Q&A and more. To register for the breakfast or to learn more, click here.

2:15-3:15 pm: How Open Source Changed the Modern Mainframe (Room317-318)

In this session, John Mertic, Director of Strategic Programs for the Linux Foundation, will present how  the open source community has gathered around the mainframe platform and how open source projects such as Zowe and OpenStack Cloud Connector are the starting point for open development.  The session will also cover how the mainframe platform is a natural technology for Linux deployments and the impacts of being more open on the mainframe from the perspectives of DevOps, AI, Analytics, Open UX frameworks, and Security.Attendees will also learn about the opportunities, challenges, considerations, and experiences to date to help inform their participation in the mainframe community.

Wednesday, August 7:

11:15- am – 12:15 pm: IBM Z Service Automation Suite to Optimize Batch and Application Automation on Z (Room 315-316, session number 25879)

The increasing importance of Application Availability and a strong need to simplify and modernize systems management on Z drives the launch of new offerings to optimize the way how to manage a complex application and resource environment. In this session, Domenico D’Alerio with IBM will provide an introduction to the IBM Z Service Automation Suite, a brand new offering, which provides integrated Automation, Workload Scheduling, and Network Management out-of-the box. Supported by modern Service Management Unite User Interface (powered by OMP’s Zowe), you have a comprehensive set of workload automation functions to control your application availability, to automate complex batch workload and manage your SNA and IP networks.

11:15 am – 12:15 pm: Zowe Update – Learn How Zowe Is Changing the z/OS Landscape and Where It’s Going (Room 321, session number 25411)

OMP’s Zowe’s vision was to tackle the problem of opening up the mainframe to a new generation of users, a wider landscape of tools, and improving the overall devops and operational experience for all.  It is one year since Zowe launched at Share St. Louis.  Joe Winchester from IBM will present Zowe from all angles with an overview of what it does, how to obtain it, how to use it, and how the Zowe community operates.  An update will be given of the progress that Zowe has made since its announce and launch, together with a roadmap and vision for where the Zowe community want to take the project moving forward.  This session will be ideal for people who have heard of Zowe and want to find more, through to users who are experienced with Zowe and want to see the roadmap ahead as well as give input and feedback to the team.

Thursday, August 8:

8:30-9:30 am: Modern to Mainframe – Zowe Enabled Automation, Testing, and Orchestration (Room 317-318, session number 25325)
Discovering how to apply modern testing and orchestration tools to mainframe process can be intimidating.  In this session, Dan Kelosky from Broadcom will reduce the complexity of this tooling by explaining the purpose and capabilities of modern testing (like Jest and Mocha.js) and orchestration tools (like and Jenkins).  We will then demonstrate plain and clear examples how to integrate these tools with traditional mainframe [assembler] development using Zowe CLI and APIs.
10-11 am: Zowe – A User’s Experience of Adopting Zowe (Room 303, session number 25235)
Hear from IBM, a large mainframe service provider, on how their newer system programmers and developers were excited about Zowe and adopted it to transform their user experience of working with the mainframe platform. Guiherme Cartier will cover various use cases and demos related to automation and interface improvements with great productivity and happiness gains.

2:15-3;15 pm: Zowe, APIs and More for System Administrators (Room 302, session number 25893)

OMP’s Zowe is focused on APIs, you might think that is is a topic meant exclusively for Application Developers and DevOps teams, but its impact will be far reaching.  Haley Fung will present Zowe’s three main deliverables include an application framework, an API mediation layer, and a command line interface, which provides a core set of commands for working with data sets, USS, JES, as well as issuing TSO and console commands. Attend this session to build your knowledge base on Zowe and be ahead of the curve.

4:45-5:45 pm: Zowe CLI – DevOps: Adapting Enterprise Development to Cloud Computing with Hosted Development Environments (Panel Discussion – Room 317-318, session number 25160)

As the anticipated gains associated with application and infrastructure cloud hosting (public, hybrid, or private) come to fruition through greater scalability, utility-based pricing, and provisioning efficiencies requiring fewer platform-centric technical skills, how are IT organizations transitioning application development environments?  Should they?  Will the cloud-hosting returns be a wash if development and delivery environments remain traditional? The panel, featuring Rosalind Radcliffe with IBM, Vaughan Marshall with Broadcom, and Rose Sakach from Broadcom, will discuss hosted development environments, what they are, what they are not, and how they may be the next best move in bringing news skills to the platform.
Friday, August 9:
8:30-9:30 am: BYOD Lab – Zowe CLI – Learn How to Construct a DevOps Pipeline for a CICS COBOL Application (Room 401-402, session number 25156)

If you are interested in Zowe and/or DevOps, this is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the Zowe Command Line Interface. In this “Bring Your Own Device” session, you’ll be working within a modern cloud IDE workspace. You’ll learn how the Zowe CLI enables you to control, script and develop on the mainframe like any other cloud platform. Zowe also empowers you to use industry standard open source tooling of your choice! In this lab, you will compile, deploy, run and test a CICS COBOL application as part of a DevOps pipeline. Dan Kelosky and Michael Bauer from Broadcom will be on-site to present how to work with Zowe and provide guidance as attendees give it a try. To participate in this session, all you need on your own PC is access to the internet and a browser.

11:15 am – 12:30 pm: Why and How Can Zowe Be Extended by a Tools Vendor or Customer’s IT Shop (Room 305, session number 25412)

OMP’s Zowe is designed and built to be an extensible and open platform.  One of its goals is to have a rich set of base function that is freely and widely available under an open source license.  Another one of its goals is to provide a platform onto which vendors can host their tools through extension and plugin points.  This is equally applicable to mainframe IT shops who want to build out their own in-house value add to Zowe to rehost their own internal proprietary systems.  This talk is designed to cover how to extend Zowe from a technical perspective and cover the different patterns of extension, together with showing the samples and guides that can be used to showcase each extension playbook.  At the end of the talk attendees who are looking at Zowe as a platform to extend and host their own tooling, whether for commercial or internal user, will know more about how to do this as well as the benefit of why.  Joe Winchester with IBM will also discuss their vision for the future and welcome all feedback and questions for missing onboarding patterns that the Zowe team should look to provide

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August 5, 2019
August 10, 2019
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