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SHARE Columbus 2022 (Columbus, Ohio + Virtual)

August 21, 2022 - August 26, 2022

Join us for SHARE Columbus, August 21-26, 2022, for a week-long program of unmatched education, face-to-face networking opportunities, live technical sessions and receptions. Register for the conference here:

Several Open Mainframe Project Ambassadors will be on-site to represent various projects including COBOL, Zowe and more. Check out the schedule here:

Monday, August 22: Zowe Day

Zowe Day offers 4 information-packed educational sessions designed to be consumable regardless of experience level or role. Attend just one or as many as you like – this is a great opportunity to meet and learn from the experts! Join our vibrant community and help shape the future of Zowe.

9:45 -10:45 am

  •  Zowe Day Part 1: Overview of Zowe, Today and Beyond – Rose Sakach (Broadcom) and Bruce Armstrong (IBM)  Session 1 kicks off the day with a general Zowe overview and is recommended for all, but a must for those new to Zowe.

11 am – 12 pm 

  • Zowe Day Part 2: How Zowe Helps DevOps – Joe Winchester (IBM) and Michael Bauer (Broadcom) If your organization is interested in enabling mainframe DevOps – don’t miss  Session 2 where the focus on Zowe Command Line Interface (CLI) Use Cases will demonstrate its applicability.

1:45 – 2:45 pm  

  • Zowe Day Part 3: Deploy and Configure Zowe – Security Updates – Joe Winchester (IBM) and Rose Sakach (Broadcom) System Administrators responsible for the install and configuration of Zowe will want to reserve a seat for Session 3 where the experts will offer step-by-step best practices with guidance on security options and additional recommendations for consideration.

3:15 – 4:15 pm 

  • Zowe Day Part 4: How to extend Zowe – Michael Bauer (Broadcom) We will conclude the day with a focus on the development community interested in extending Zowe. Session 4 will showcase the programmable interfaces and their associated Zowe Conformance programs.

Monday, August 22:

11 – 12 am 

  • Women of COBOL Panel Discussion – Misty Decker (Micro Focus) With the launch of the new Women of COBOL video series on Tech Channel, we’re looking to feature women for their technical knowledge and expand visibility to the amazing work these women are doing. In this panel discussion, we’ll meet some Women of COBOL and learn about their personal journey and the technical areas they are experts in.

Tuesday, August 23:

8 -9 am 

  • Zowe Version 2 Updates – Domenico D’Alterio (IBM), Bruce Armstrong (IBM), Joe Winchester (IBM) and Michael Bauer (Broadcom) Zowe allows you to protect your investment in z/OS and build the future of the mainframe in an open, simple and familiar way. Zowe 1.0 entered in maintenance mode, Zowe 2.0 recently became the “active” Long Term Release (LTS) of Zowe from the open community. It is based on 2+ years feedback on Zowe 1.0 from enterprise customers and the z/OS mainframe community at large. In this presentation you will learn about the enhancements that are available as part of Zowe 2.0 as well as you will learn what you need to know to migrate from Zowe 1.0 to Zowe 2.0.

9:15 -10 15 am 

  • What’s New in Zowe 2.0: Desktop, Apps and ZSS – Sean Grady (Rocket Software) Zowe v2.0 is its first big change since Zowe launched in 2018. Each section has improvements and new features, and there’s plenty to cover so join this session if you’d like to see what changes for installation and use of the Desktop, ZSS, and their Apps. Whether you’re a developer or user, we’ll have tips for you to migrate and make best use of Zowe 2.0.

10:30 – 11:30 am

  • Schemas for Zowe 2.0: How they evolve the way you setup and validate Zowe – Sean Grady (Rocket Software) Zowe’s latest server release improves upon Zowe to address a common request: Make zowe server configuration easy to understand and validate! In 2.0, we’ve added schemas everywhere and we’ll show you how this revolutionizes and simplifies how you setup Zowe, track changes, and clone & verify configuration.

Wednesday, August 24:

8-9 am 

  • Getting Your Mainframe Ready for High Performance with Cloud Storage – Eddy Ciliendo & Tomer Zelberzvig (Model9) While the mainframe is a robust mission critical platform , there is new storage out there barely being utilized by the mainframe. What is cloud storage? How do you connect to it from your mainframe? What needs to be done on the mainframe and TCP/IP in order to get high performance with cloud storage?

10:30 – 11:30 am

  • How to Monitor and Manage Mainframe and Storage Performance Metrics Utilizing Voice and Open Source Software Tools – Len Santalucia, Justin Santer, Vincent Terrone (Vicom Infinity, a Converge Company) We hear a lot of talk about hybrid, multiplatform, and Internet of Things. In this session, Vicom Infinity, a contributor and silver member of the Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project, will talk about their quest for easier access to mainframe and storage performance metrics by simply using your voice in a completely secure manner. ZEBRA (Zowe Embedded Browser for RMF/SMF and APIs) is an open source SW project under Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project’s ZOWE Project. It intends to provide re-usable and industry compliant JSON formatted RMF/SMF data records, so that many other SW providers and users can exploit them. VIVA, Vicom Infinity Voice Assistant posted at this link , is a secure voice assistant that enables enterprise systems clients to use a voice user interface for their enterprise applications in a completely private and secure way. The integration of ZEBRA and VIVA provides the ultimate solution for fast and easy access to mainframe and storage performance metrics data.

1:15-2:15 pm

  • I get my CICS on Route Zowe! – Joe Winchester (IBM) and Ezriel J. Gross (Rocket Software) This presentation will show how to use ope source Zowe tooling to develop, administer, deploy and test CICS applications. We’ll show how to build automation to drive CICS automation for compilation and deployment from a stand-alone environment using the Zowe command line interface, as well as how to embed scripts in a Jenkins CICD pipeline. We’ll show how to use Visual Studio Code Zowe extensions to work with JCL, REXX and TSO to drive z/OS, as well as how to write, compile, and debug COBOL and Java CICS programs. We’ll show how to use VS Code tasks to integrate with CLI scripts. We’ll show how to use the Visual Studio Code Zowe CICS Explorer plugin to connect to CICS regions, to view resources and perform actions like newcopy, enable/disable, and perform development tasks without needing to use CEMT or other CICS interfaces. We’ll show how to develop CICS programs with BMS maps, CICS programs with web services, and CICS Java programs, all using Visual Studio Code Zowe extensions. This presentation has content for experienced CICS developers and system programmers, as well as newcomers who want to learn how to interact with CICS through a CLI and through Visual Studio Code. This presentation will also cover interacting with Db2, MQ and other subsystems that make up a CICS program’s technology stack.

4-5 pm

  • Navigating the Minefield: Diversity Tips for White Males – Misty Decker (Micro Focus) Does diversity make you a little nervous? Do you worry about giving someone a compliment or asking about their culture for fear of offending them? You know that tech needs to be more diverse and you want to be sensitive to your diverse colleagues’ feelings, but how do you do that? In this open and honest conversation, we’ll share tips for white males hoping to support their diverse colleagues without offending.

Thursday, August 25:

8-9 am 

  • Mentors Wanted: The Role of White Males in Improving Diversity and Inclusion – Misty Decker and Derek Britton (Micro Focus) Does it seem as though white males are often relegated to the sidelines of diversity efforts? It’s unclear what role they can play in improving the diversity and inclusion of their organizations. When it comes to mentors, most people tend to connect with someone like them. But white males can provide very valuable advice and support for women and people of color, if delivered appropriately. In this session, Misty Decker (mentee) and Derek Britton (mentor) will share lessons learned from their mentor/mentee relationship and help you learn how to explore a similar partnership in ensuring diverse talent grows and succeeds.

9:15 – 10:15 am 

  • A Demo of Integrating Workload Automation in Automated Processes through Zowe Extensions – Domenico D’Alterio (IBM) Zowe enables the integration of Z specific workflow and actions in hybrid cloud application and processes. IBM Z Workload Scheduler extends Zowe API Mediation Layer and the Zowe CLI with a set of Workload Automation specifics that enable integration scenarios to, for example, resolve a ticket. Come and learn how IBM Z Workload Scheduler extensions of Zowe enable a real automated scenario for ticket resolution, a demo of the scenario will be showed as part of the session.

Friday, August 26:

8-9 am 

  • Extending the Access, Personas and Use Cases for z/OS Based REST Services: Zowe Chat – Domenico D’Alterio (IBM) and Bruce Armstrong (IBM) Zowe is always evolving and adding new capabilities to extend the access, personas and use cases for z/OS interaction. Zowe Chat provides access to z/OS based services from a chat tool, enabling team collaboration in problem solving and more through the collaborative tool already in use in your enterprise. Come and learn about this new Zowe component, so how it is extensible and how it can help in your daily job.

8-9 am 

  • Simplified Container Management with SUSE Rancher – Mike Friesenegger (SUSE) During this session, attendees will be introduced to SUSE Rancher and how it orchestrates Kubernetes to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service. Learn about Rancher components with a demo that shows the deployment and use of Rancher components running on IBM Z and LinuxONE.

9:15-10:15 am

  • Modernize z/OS System Management with As-a-Service Approach – Hiren Shaw (IBM) Today, z/OS day-to-day administration requires specialized z/OS System programming skills. This session talks about how z/OS Management Services Catalog revolutionizes z/OS system management with easy-to-use modern interface. We will demonstrate how you can transform the way you manage your z/OS environment with the new z/OS Management Services Catalog. Completing z/OS management tasks is now simpler than ever for early tenure system programmers. This cloud-like interface helps systems programmers of all skill levels to be self-sufficient and productive using services.

9:15 am-10:15 am

  • Feilong: The Open Source API for z/VM Automation – Mike Friesenegger (SUSE)  Feilong is an Open Mainframe project.  Come learn about the project as well as be introduced to the technical components.  A demonstration will show the API in action driving z/VM functionality as well as how the API is used to provision and manage a cloud on z/VM.


9:15 – 10:15 am

  • Why we chose Zowe to help Advance our Mainframe Automation Initiatives – Rose Sakach (Broadcom) When tasked with enabling automation to address a series of infrastructure-group managed procedures, this technical team began investigating leveraging APIs and Curl scripts but ultimately decided to use Zowe CLI. Join this session to learn why and gain insights into how Zowe can help advance your mainframe automation initiatives.

Learn more about SHARE Columbus at the main event website here.


August 21, 2022
August 26, 2022
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